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motivation theory


the defination of motivation in business terms is: the desire to complete a task.

motvation is important because wthout it workers wouldn’t have the desire to complete their tasks and the overall rate of profuctivity would be lower.

motivation is also important because it strives workers to come into work
people have different sources of motivation, for example: someone may be motivated o come to work because of the money


the psycholigical needs of Maslow’s Hierachy theory is money, this is a psycholigical need because people know that they need money in order to survive.

the safety needs of Maslow’s hircachy theory is job security,this is a safety need because people have the right to feel safe in their jobs

a love and belonging need of Maslow’s hierachy theory would be to be able to m,ake firends at work, this is important becuase it allows workers to feel…

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