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1)The big difference between a sender and a receiver is that a sender gathers and decodes information and the receiver displays the information in an audible and/or visual form that consumers can view or listen to.

2) Communication can either be written, verbally or visually.

3a)  email




  • work shops help people to become involved
  • project groups at UNISON look at issues and help to put policy into  action
  • a key way in which UNISON communicates internally is through its in-house  magazine called InsideOut. This is sent to all UNISON staff members. It  highlights a range of challenges and issues for staff. These include details  about their new headquarters, facts about equal pay issues for UNISON members  and other news within the organisation.

4) Horizantal communication is communication done between people on the same ‘level’ if you will. To make it simple i’ll use KFC as an example. Horizantal is one cook to another. Vertical is a cook communicating with the owner or manager of the location.

5) Bad Leadership

Bad goals

Family/personal Issues

Cultural Diversity




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