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To me the word ethical means something that is within reason that is seen as humanely right. For example if someone chops all the trees down and no animals can live on it because they need the Palm oil for shampoo’s  

pressure groups are people who disagree with the ethics in fights/situations that involves animals getting harmed or that can be in danger. A well known example is PETA.  PETA are constantly fighting for the rights of animals and are try and get them the rights that they deserve. They do this by having rallies and having petitions that you can sign to help stop the unethical treatment of animals. doing this has two effects, a negative one and and a positive one. the negative effect is that it will marginally effect the profit made by the companies; the reason I say marginally is because they’re not advertised on T.V they’re not as well known as other adverts E.G the companies that they’re trying to confront about the issues. the positive effect is that in some cases they mange to win the rights of the animals .


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