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What is EU talking about?

What does EU stand for?

European Union

How many people live in the EU?

739.2 million

How many countries are members of the EU?


How many countries of the 28 use the Euro as their currency?

18 out of 28

How many official languages are spoken across the EU?

23 Languages

What does the EU flag look like?

Blue background and 12 stars in a round shape

When did the EU begin?

After world war 2

Why was the EU established?

Stop war.

What are the 5 main aims of the EU?

1. Promote economic and social progress.
Help people earn enough money and get treated fairly.

2. Speak for the European Union on the international scene. 
By working as a group the EU hopes that Europe will be listened to more by other countries.

3. Introduce European citizenship. 
Anyone from a member state is a citizen of the EU and gets four special rights.

4. Develop Europe as an area of freedom, security and justice.

Help Europeans to live in safety, without the threat of war.

5. Maintain and build on established EU law. 
Make laws that protect peoples rights in the member countries.


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